The first time ever I saw

Your face

Clear, quiet, like the window before Us

Like My passion for sound

Like Your passion for light

Our passion pooled together and leaked from eyes

These tears, a salt I was familiar with

Sunk, drunk in the middle of the night

We pass our traumas back and forth

We call Each Other opposite, and bow under

the gaze of Others

But there’s something in the way You are

Hard to bind to language, My tongue does jumping jacks

but cannot curl tendril nor tenticle to the syllable

I need to tame Our relationship

But it flutters, and flashes, quarklike

indeed, friction is needed to be sparklike

I have little faith in words but oceans

of faith in You.

The Saint remains

and I open for these

Wild Flowers; Shame, Misery, Rejection, Fear

Sensory, sensible, across infinity: across the Universe with You ~

For Jacob – I see you, and I love you.

The Girl From Ipanema (Bossasynth Mix) – Fèy Mebratu & Alex Kehayas

Last week, I asked some friends to send me some song requests. This was the first, from my dear friend of ten years, Alex K. He’s an extraordinarily dedicated and passionate musician and person. I am grateful for every experience and teaching moments we share with each other.

I used a Lucero student Classical Guitar, and he plays an Upright Bass. We both used Logic Pro, and MacBooks. To record, we used external pickups, and a Shure Microphone. My partner’s iPad, and Alex’s iPhone were used for the 1080p video; put together simply with iMovie. Mixing of audio, and editing of video was done by me (the goofy, slightly creepy curly haired non-Binary Fèy).

Next up on my list is St. Clarity, by the Paper Kites – requested by my partner. I might ask my good friend Javon Love to sing with me!

If you prefer mastered-quality – I do recommend the Dolby quick mastered Soundcloud Version! Listen, watch, indulge! Send me a request!