Hello ! I am Fèy መብራቱ Redda . I am from the colonized ‘Seven Cities’ region of Turtle Island .

I made an EP called , Ecology .
It was released under the name , ” Raven And Moth ” .
It was a labor of poetry, dusty old feelings, and a newfound way of relating to our planet . I used Garageband, and a small usb-instrument mic to record half of the sounds and vocals outdoors! You may find some static, and you may be able to “hear the room .” This was a very lo-fi experiment for me . Each song explores an “element of nature” ; Water/Storms, Wind/Breath, Soil/Pollutant, Fire/Technology, and Ice/Remnant .

In Ecology I explore trauma , healing , poetry vs . reality , self vs . tribe , and planet-abuse .

I am currently hard at work on new music . There will be more information as soon as its sorted . Until then , please send me a message if you like my art . I’ d be happy to get in touch !

Youtube and Soundcloud .