I don’t 

want to stand out

because I’m black

but I want to belong

in color

I don’t know what it means

to me

to be a coal

fractal, soul

full of sunlight

fists in air, but

it’s too much pressure

to be the only gate you have

into these prism-prisons

you call ethnicities

I guess it’s fair

brown skin, and untamable hair

not a magnet for moisture

but I can bear it

the weight of

misunderstanding falls on

all who wish to take



Black is hungry

solitude gives no solace

In our slumber we

call out for the dark side

of the moon – and deep

berries, Miles Davis, Nina Simone

to bury in our bellies and

Roll out of bed

still free

But empty

I don’t

want to stand in

your way of painting

your face but, it’s your big

pink eraser

I fear, I’ve lost

touch with 

the culture

my ancestors - part

blue-collars, black-necks,

white-teeth, red-flecks,

soft heart, loud rhyme,

join the army, the navy, or do




To take up space is

it really enough

How many sides are

there in this war

with the past; I’m tired of

protest songs, they keep

telling me what to do