Ode To Be

oh to hear the sound of diligence

falling water over skin

oh to smell breath of intention

flowering and steeping in air

oh to fold passion in letters

hiding cologne, nectar, saccarine poetry

page after page, text after text

oh to be unabashed and welcome

more and more mirrors

I see you

and oh to collect sibling spirit

hand in hand without plan or divine


friendship of the fish praying with fins

we are this openness

an ode to each other

can you hear it?

oh to pool in agony, bloodshot eyes

recognizing the synchronicity, symphonic

I see you

oh to be a brush, cateye, winged tips

of night-filled clubs

oh to go Gaga and go ghost, gravely

with heartfelt goodbyes

I still

see you


to see you

oh to recognize the shades, trajectory,

lines, boundaries, boundless Neptune

with heart on fire

I see you

an Ode To Be

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