I’m (a puppeteer) in this game, you see.
A God (amongst men) the planet, my stage.
You have (my) props, reciting prophecy.
Fallen (heart); I promise I will salvage.

When (people) realize what they’ve done they soon
will (witness) a world consuming itself.
Never (again) can actors break to
virtuous (flames) in fertile forest spell.

But (coded), lost, boy we have had our share
of (time) together, now I will leave you
alone (prophetic) child without pair.
A numbed (mind) which blood and roses has wrought.

Porn, poisoned, (perfect) love of every kind.
Your hand, (her) hand in marriage will be mine.

call me jelly fish
I have seen this all before
Roy fits not on ark

accept these germs, child
devout consummation; wished
‘God’ breathed life through me

Hisako & Selena:
Love bleeds from the skies
: sans eyes, sans, womb, sans tomb
hold my hand, my love

Initially conceived as a college art project, my friend Alexis & i decided to team up and create a theme Poeticle inspired by three novels in particular from a Contemporary (American) Novel course: Apocalypse Narratives, Dystopia to Dawn (shout-out to Dr Konkol). We focussed on Oryx and Crake by the esteemed Margaret Atwood (the Handmaid’s Tale), Galápagos by the endearing Kurt Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse Five), and White Noise by Don Delillo. All words were carefully selected to reflect certain themes within the course; ecological/biological disaster, war, marriage, reproduction, genocide, queerness (ie: the future is queer), and transhumanism (ie: the intersectionality of being post Earth, or post organica through the processes of implementing technology beyond the imagination…) The chant and notes of the synth and harp in the background strike a Tristan chord, which was a large theme explored by Lars VonTrier’s Melancholia. For that reason, the violin and mandolin dance between a brief ‘leitmotif’ from the film’s repeated exert of the opera Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner.

“For White Noise, by Don Delillo, we chose to print quotes very important in regards to death, art, media coverage (the shooter from Iron City who wanted fame, and the toxic event), and make them into black-out [poems]. 0 represents black and F represents white. The value F is also reflected in the very fact that a Tristan chord’s first note is F, in a sequence of four notes. The visual representational gif is a mirror frame with no glass to reflect[.]
Humans are
born naked, and die naked.
To reveal our truths previously unseen, is to become naked.”

Full Artist Statements (pdf’s):

Fey  ~  Alexis