*(Listen to the stars scream
i’ll paint the night with our dreams
& wander alone)

It’s the run-around
All these silly games we play
i forget the rules

Dream inside of me
Now rock the boats back & forth
Pierce skies blue with tongues

My eyes: microscopes
Memory is the master
Motion darkens fate

Cadence in our feet
Call & answer our machines
My soul is rubber

Yang is the city
i look back & turn to salt
Yin is the country

Collective lilies
Sweat glistening on pavement
Gull feathers are brooms

Your silence is full
Puddle jumpers; hydroplaning
Wind fighting water


(Step on the ruins
Stop waiting for their green-light
Sighs are pollution)

The focus of this poeticle is more four-four time rather than the abstract meter (12/8) of poeticle I, An Offering For April. 4-4 is both a metonym of vehicular travel (specifically, by truck, jeep or off-road ie; off-road capabilities) and a time signature. i intend to draw connection between power, intention, and moving forward; especially through time. 4/4 is a time signature of our heartbeats, our walking & dance pace. There is a teetering with the odd format of the haiku in contrast to the metrical constraints of the music. There is a disconnect between what is box-like and humanly comfortable (4/4), and what is offered as spherical or logistically circular, non-linear, in-definite, or feminist in thinking (examples here). Similarly, i feel a disconnect in dualist ideals of what Western philosophers would call the human condition and what they consider important to pursue or indulge, and the need we have for power, choices, roads, etc. This poeticle is about teetering between forward, backward, side to side, and is to question the distinction between direction and reflection.

gif from instagram (@ravenandmoth)

“The fork in the road,” is represented by a pulsating circular orb. Circulation is another word for traffic, in French. Traffic is a divergent word; from human trafficking, to the distribution of goods, to boat and car flow and circulation. Circular or spherical objects have no definite boundaries. The Earth lacks them as well. This is a frightening concept, and some often feel trapped (yet others comfortably adventurous) when we have no boxes in which to fit, so the same people might subconsciously create boxes, little spaces and comfortable homes to settle into… Playing with structure and contrasting it with freeform musical interpretations of rhythm and melody are interests of mine. i hope your mind expands like the raindrop in the center of the gif above, and grows even bigger. Thank you for reading.